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  MicroSoft Excel Version 97 - XLS File                                     [download Liquid program v2.8]    [download Vapor-Gas program]  
   Spreadsheet Under Construction  -  For Review - Being Modified  1-17-17 through 1-18-17
Liquid and Vapor-Gas System Sizing                                                                     (Freeware)
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Liquid System Sizing - Pump, Valve, Orifice, Transmitter and Pipe
  (Liquid System Sizer shown)
(see manufacture's pump & valve sizing programs at bottom of page for ordering)
  Note: Corrected equivalent lenght of pipe for "K" of fittings pressure drop.
Data entry is easy...See pump head pressure, hp and piping pressure drop      

Enter orifice data and size the head for the flow transmitter

View the installed characterisics of linear and equal precentage valves


The "More Complex Pipe-Pump System" sheet allows for calculation of different size lines in the system     


Most of the data you need is in the spreadsheet 

Correct the pump head and flow rate for the liquid's viscousity

  Download the Fisher Valve sizing program (Free)     [download Fisher Specification Manager program] 
  View the Fisher Specification Manager 2.06 software program                        [Fisher Specification Manager Quick Start Guide PDF]
  Download the Bell & Gossett pump sizing program (Free)     
[download ESP pump sizing program (All Files Zipped)] 

[download ESP pump sizing CD ISO (CD ISO Zipped)]

[Windows CD Emulator (Website Direct Link)]
[Windows CD Emulator Program (Program Setup Exe Zipped)]

[CDBurnerXP (Website Direct Link)]
[CDBurnerXP (Free CD Burner Software)(Program Setup Exe Zipped)]
  Just burn it on a CD and run the setup or install the program from the folders (directories) on your hard drive...

      1) Run setup program in C:\...\EspPlus\setup.exe
      2) Run setup program in C:\...\Syzer1.1\setup.exe

          More information on centrifugal pumps at ITT-Gould Pumps:
          View the pump handbook [download or view PDF]