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   Unzip the files into the C:\Spread2Cad Pro!  folder (directory), Instructions in user guide pdf    [setup program]    [user guide]    
Description of Spread2Cad Pro! 2.1                                             (Freeware)
Business Productivity Software

Note: Spread2Cad Pro! Version 3.0 is coming Soon!  AutoCAD & Excel Ribbon supported!      (Delayed the middle of MAY 2014) 
more info on Spread2Cad features...   

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The File Dialog for AUTOMATIC linking in spreadsheet between sheets... (understanding of formulas is not needed)

The File Dialog for a single spreadsheet export...

The spreadsheet being written to an output file... (the above dialog is skipped if all sheets are being written out)

The spreadsheet insert dialog in AutoCAD

The Spreadsheet in AutoCAD

The dialog for changing spreadsheet display setting in AutoCAD... (notice the load and save DAT file settings buttons)